Aerotel Medical Systems (1998) Ltd.

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58856 Holon, Israel

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Aerotel Medical Systems (1998) Ltd. Figures
Number of employees: 20-49
Export content: > 75%
Year of foundation:1998
Area of business
■Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
■Information and Communication Technology

Aerotel Medical Systems (1998) Ltd. Profile
Your Partner in Telemedicine & e-Health Management Services

Aerotel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of modular, home-based and mobile telemedicine solutions, designed for physicians, outpatient clinics, diagnostic and emergency service providers. An MDD 93/42/EEC/ISO 9001:2008/13485:2003 certified company, Aerotel leads the market in cost-effectiveness. Its high quality, user-friendly, compact systems ensure optimal performance and maximum reliability for continuous, long-term monitoring.

Aerotel provides a complete package, including devices, hardware platform, as well as phone, cellular and web-based receiving and viewing software solutions.

The company takes great pride in its ability to assist physicians in making accurate diagnoses despite the physical distance between them and their patients. It is equally proud that it relieves patients of the psychological pressures of daily monitoring by helping them lead normal lives.

Aerotel’s systems are used in hundreds of installations on over 50 continents around the world.

Aerotel Medical Systems (1998) Ltd. Product Information
Product Categories
Blood pressure equipment
Blood pressure self-monitoring instruments
Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories
Tele-cardiology and tele-respiratory monitoring and diagnosis
Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations
Self monitoring equipment
Internet services / Online services
Web portals
Software for medical service suppliers
Healthcare networks
Teleconsult systems

Product Information of Product Category Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories

HeartView – 12-Lead ECG Recorder/Transmitter
A user-friendly device, HeartView enables the transmission of comprehensive ECG data from any place and at any time. Users position the 10-wire cable that comes with the unit, in order to simultaneously record a 12-lead ECG. The recorded ECG is transmitted over the phone through an acoustic coupler connection to the Heartline Receiving Station (HRS) for immediate diagnosis. HeartView also offers an option for digital transmission.

•Diagnosis of cardiac symptoms
•Remote, home/clinic monitoring of chronic heart patients
•Transmission of ECG by General Practitioner to cardiac diagnostics center
•Clinical Studies

•10-wire patient cable
•Fast and simultaneous recording of a 12-lead ECG
•Records 2.5 seconds per lead and 10 seconds of rhythm lead
•Transmits 12 leads sequentially, separated by a 1mv calibration signal
•ECG data can be downloaded to any PC or notebook computer by using its serial interface
•Battery powered
•ST segment detection

•Small size guarantees greater convenience
•High quality ECG transmission
•No maintenance required

HeartView P12/8 Plus
12/8-Lead ECG Personal Recorder/TransmitterAcoustic, Digital & Wireless

User-Friendly 12 or 8 lead Electrocardiogram Recorder/Transmitter
This small, easy-to-operate ECG puts patients in control and provides physicians with a clear, comprehensive ECG graphic recording. Operating the HeartView P-12/8 Plus requires very little effort. The patient simply records a 12 or 8 lead ECG by using a 3-wire patient cable and the four embedded electrodes on the back of the unit. The recorded ECG is then transmitted through the phone to Aerotel’s Heartline Receiving Station (HRS) for immediate diagnosis .

•Diagnosis of cardiac symptoms
•Remote, home/clinic monitoring of chronic heart patients

•3-wire cable and 4 embedded electrodes on back of unit
•Transmits 12 or 8 leads separated by a 1mV calibration signal
•Records 2.5 seconds per lead (4 seconds, optional) and 10 seconds of rhythm lead (Lead II)
•Battery powered
•Optional digital mode transmission via wireless ׂ or via RS232
•No maintenance required
•Models also available for digital and wireless ׂ transmission

•Small, portable & convenient
•ST segment detection capability
•Highest quality of ECG tracing

Product Information of Product Category Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations
Heart 2005A
Transtelephonic ECG Loop Event Recorder

User-Friendly Loop Event Recorder for Accurate Documenting of Transient Cardiac Symptoms
Heart 2005A is the answer for long-term transtelephonic monitoring. Simple to use, the patient presses a button once symptoms begin in order to record all pre and post ECG segments. By pressing the “Transmission” button, the patient sends the recorded ECG over the telephone to Aerotel’s Heartline Receiving Station (HRS) for immediate diagnosis.

•Detection of infrequent symptomatic arrhythmia
•Post-myocardial infarction follow-up
•Unexplained chest pain (ST-Segment analysis)
•Cardiac rehabilitation
•Arrhythmic therapy monitoring
•Drug studies

• Single Lead
•Non-volatile (Flash) memory
•4 events of 30/30 seconds or one event of 180/60 seconds
•One-month battery life
•4X transmission speed option

•Superior ECG quality and baseline stability
•Long-term monitoring (no time limitation)
•Cost effective
•Small, portable & convenient

Heart 2006
Dual Lead Transtelephonic ECG Loop Event Recorder

User-Friendly, Dual Lead, Loop Event Recorder for Accurate Documenting of Transient Cardiac Symptoms
Heart 2006 is a long-term TransTelephonic dual lead ECG loop event recorder. This device is the solution of choice for documenting transient cardiac symptoms and their correlation to the patient’s ECG. User-friendly and reliable, it provides 2-lead loop recording information to satisfy most of the cardiologist’s demands.

•Detection of infrequent symptomatic arrhythmia
•Post-myocardial infarction follow-up
•Unexplained chest pain (ST-Segment analysis)
•Cardiac rehabilitation
•Ant-arrhythmic therapy monitoring
•Drug study monitoring

•4X transmission speed
•Non-volatile (Flash) memory
•One-month battery life
•8 Events of 30/30 seconds or 2 events of 180/60 seconds

•Small, portable & convenient
•Two channels for enhanced diagnostics
•Superior ECG quality and baseline stability
•Long-term monitoring (no time limitation)
•Cost effective

Pocketsize Transtelephonic ECG Event Recorder

Innovative, Single Lead, Easy-to-Record Post Event ECG Recorder/Transmitter for Use Any Time, Any Place
HeartOne is unique in its portability and capability of maximizing patient mobility. This state-of-the-art device does not require a patient cable. It’s so small that it easily fits into a pocket, making it readily available for use at any time and any place. Patients simply place two thumbs on designated electrodes and push one button to record a rhythm lead. Recorded results can be transmitted to the Heartline Receiving Station (HRS) from any standard telephones.

•Diagnosis of cardiac symptoms
•Remote, home/clinic monitoring of chronic heart patients
•Post-myocardial infarction follow-up
•Arrhythmia detection
•Pediatric use (with chest electrodes)

•2 electrodes (thumb & chest)
•2 activation buttons
•Records and stores up to four 30 second rhythm strips
•Non-volatile memory
•Low battery light

•Diagnostic reliability
•Pocket-size portability

Heartline Receiving Station
Cutting-Edge Technology for Medical Data Acquisition, Disease Management, Diagnostics & Emergency ECG Service Center

Flexible, Modular Platform Designed to Serve Present & Future Needs
HRS is Aerotel’s core acquisition and management center. Easy to operate, it can be applied to any standard PC equipment. Designed for long-term use, the system’s database offers various access and management options. HRS supports Aerotel’s entire line of Heartline monitors. Additionally, several systems can be networked in order to support large-scale service operations.

•Used for emergency call center applications for immediate diagnosis of subscribed patients in case of cardiac emergency conditions.
•Used by hospitals for outpatient follow-up.
•Facilitates early patient release from hospitals, and in turn, helps reduce costs.
•Helps pharmaceutical companies perform drug compliance studies by having participants send their ECGs from the comfort of their home or office to the call center.
•Receives digital ECG transmission for offline analysis, thereby reducing costs of employing professional staff at the call center.
•Enables remote ECG interpretation via HRSnet application (one of the HRS features).
•Part of any Holter® analysis center; receives transmission from loop event recorders complementing the Holter® analysis in case of sporadic and symptomatic arrhythmias not detected by the Holter®.
• Enables ECG monitoring of individuals and mass screening, thanks to category divided database.

•State-of-the-art Windowsׂbased application software.
•Flexible and modular platform.
•Defined sound card for receiving ECG over telephone line to HRS Call Center.
•Oracle™ database with full patient data management capabilities.
•Stand-alone and network operation options.
•Full patient demographic data.
•Automatic monitor recognition based on patient’s code in the HRS system.
•ECG Comparing function for detecting changes in ECG pattern of same patient.
•Full medical history including symptoms, diagnosis, medication, referrals, etc.
•Storage of unedited ECGs for later offline editing and un-interpreted ECGs for offline interpretation.
•Automatic ECG lead measurement tool for automatically determining values such as heart rate, RR interval, QT, QTc etc. with zooming capabilities.
•Administrative tool for managing monitors available at the Call Center.
•Possibility to limit a monitor or patient with a pre-assigned number of calls.
•Full reporting capabilities (e.g. Detailed ECG report with the ECG segment measurement data).
•Security Manager to control access authorization of various user groups at the call center.
•Interpreting physician secured access with ECG referral audit control.
•Remote Manager for automatically assigning username and password to patients who wish to have their ECG and medical data on the WEB (secured access).
•Database report generator with predefined reports.
•Built-in report building tool for user defined reports.
•Direct emailing of ECG to a predefined destination.
•COM embedded interface for WEB connectivity.
•Digital ECGs via modem receiving capability.
•Allows Internet accessibility via COM interface and Remote Manager.
•E-mail Support.
•Automatic editing.
•Security Manager.

The Heartline™ System
The Beat of Cardio-Management
Aerotel’s Heartline™ system is winning the hearts of cardiologists and cardiac patients around the world. Remaining calm are the operative words for Heartline™. Patients conduct normal, mobile lives. At the same time they and their attending physician know that a professional response to any change in their heart condition is only a phone call away.
Heartline™ is designed for various diagnostic, emergency and monitoring service applications, it comprises a complete range of personal, 1-12 lead Transtelephonic devices for variable remote diagnostic and emergency service applications. The recorded ECG signals are transmitted through the telephone to a medical center, where a PC-based ECG receiving station receives the transmitted ECG and displays it

Product Information of Product Category Healthcare networks

HRS-Net – HRS Data Information on the Web
Aerotel’s HRS Net system is an add-on element often essential for remote diagnostics because it enables authorized users to display HRS data information on the Web. Users can be patients, physicians, or companies.
A bi-directional system, it lets an interpreting cardiologists add his/her interpretation of a selected ECG and store it in the database under the patient’s file. It also lets patients track their medical history.

•Tracking patient health record
•Consultation with physicians in other locations
•Remote monitoring of heart patients
•ECG information for emergency purposes

•Authorized user name and password
•Remote Access Manager generates access codes to users
•HRS dedicated database (Oracleׂ)
•Secured access to database

•Immediate data access
•Capability to add on outside physician interpretation and recommendations
•Remote ECG interpretation by cardiologists via secured web access.

MPM-Net – MPM Data Information on the Web
Aerotel’s MPM Net system is an add-on element often essential for remote diagnostics because it enables authorized users to display MPM data on the Web. Users can be patients and/or physicians.
MPM Net is a unidirectional system, enabling a “read only” operation. Patients use the Tele-CliniQ and Medi-CliniQ devices as data transmitters in order to send test results to the MPM call center. MPM Net displays all values stored in the Call Center’s database.

•Tracking patient health record for the following parameters: •Blood pressure
•Blood glucose
•Spirometry values
•Capable of receiving additional parameters

•Remote monitoring of chronically ill patients
•Primary care system for remote areas

•Secured access to MPM patient database via the web
•Information available to authorized users (e.g. patients and GPs)
•Diagram and reports

•Immediate data access